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Payment methods
  • cash on delivery (COD)
  • wire transfer 
  • Pay'u - wire transfer / debit card / credit card
  • Pay'u - installments
When choosing the payment option "wire transfer", please make payment to the account:
Medica-Group Sp. z o.o.
ul. Mikołaja Reja 43/1
76-200 Słupsk

Domestic payments:
PKO BP I/O SŁUPSK nr: 98 1020 4649 0000 7602 0189 4443

International payments:
EUR account:

PL 72 1020 4649 0000 7502 0186 2077

USD account:
PL 04 1020 4649 0000 7302 0257 0141

Please include in your payment reference your order number or name so that we can quickly and easily identify your payment.
Once the funds are credited to our account, we will send the shipment without collection.
You choose the method of payment yourself when placing an order.

Buy now, Pay later! Online Installments

Installment buying:
  • loan origination commission 0%
  • without leaving home, courier and signing contracts
  • preferential interest rate
  • for orders from 300 PLN up to 20.000 PLN
  • installment plan: from 3 to 36
  • approval as quick as a few minutes
How does it work?
Select the products
  • value: from 300 PLN - to 20 000 PLN
  • add to cart
Select PayU installments as a payment method
  • accept transaction summary
  • proceed to credit application
Fill out an online application
  • wait for a response from the Credit Information Office
  • verify your income
  • confirm the contract online
Verify your personal information and buy on installment!
  • in order to verify, pay 1 PLN to the account provided (the amount will be refunded)
  • after positive verification, we will be informed that we have received your payment and will process your order
And now enjoy your purchase!

Buy now, pay later - how does it work?
All natural persons with full legal capacity can buy on installments.

What can you buy on installments?
You can use installments for buying one or several items with a total value from 300 PLN to 20,000 PLN (including shipping costs), purchased in one store and during one transaction. You cannot use PayU installments if you want to pay for the purchased items on delivery.

When PayU installments are unavailable?
PayU installments is not available when:
  • the shopping cart contains items with a total value that does not fall within the range of 300 to 20,000 PLN, including shipping
  • you have chosen the option COD - cash on delivery

Who provides a loan for online shopping?
The provider of the loan, referred to as PayU Installments, is the lending partner Alior Bank SA. The seller is not a party to the loan agreement you enter into when you buy on PayU installments. The decision to grant a loan also depends on your history in the Credit Information Office. Alior Bank SA is responsible for checking your credit history with the BIK.

PayU and lending solutions
PayU is a technical operator that only provides the opportunity to use the loan provided by the lending partner. The loan agreement is concluded between the borrower Alior Bank SA.

How long does it take for a lending partner to review a loan application?
The entire process of purchasing on PayU Installments takes several minutes. Exceptions are night hours and holidays.

What happens if the loan is denied?
If you are denied a loan, the items will not be purchased. However, remember that you will be able to complete the transaction by choosing another payment method.

I got approved for a loan, but the items were not purchased. Why?
During the verification of the loan application, one of the items added to the cart was purchased by another person or the offer ended. The seller will contact you to return the transaction amount to your account. Remember that you can withdraw from the loan agreement within 14 days or use the funds for other needs.

What is a minimum/maximum loan amount?
Minimum loan amount is 300 PLN, and maximum loan amount is 20 000 PLN.

The number of installments and duration of the loan.
You can choose any number of monthly installments from 3 to 36. The loan term is from 3 months to 3 years.

What are the costs of the loan?
The loan origination fee is 0%. Interest rates may vary depending on the store where you store. The interest rate is 13% - for loans with insurance and 16% - for loans without insurance. Representative example: loan amount: PLN 500, number of installments: 18, nominal interest rate: 11%, life insurance premium: PLN 22.50, preparation fee: PLN 0, interest amount: PLN 44.80, RRSO: 18.43%. The final terms of the loan depend on the date of disbursement of the loan and the date of payment of the first installment. Terms of the offer: as of May 22, 2012.

What is the process of loan repayment?
You will repay the loan in equal installments. Interest is charged on a monthly basis in the loan installment. You will find the installment amount, repayment date and account number in the loan agreement. In addition, you will receive the loan repayment schedule by mail.

Is loan insurance mandatory and how to pay it?
The insurance package including life insurance is voluntary. Insurance premium is charged for the entire term of the loan in advance. If you want to buy insurance, you do not need to conclude any additional agreement, just select the option on the credit application: loan with insurance.

Is it possible to pay-off the loan repayments early?
Yes, you can repay the loan early. To do so, contact your lender. You will not pay interest for the period after repaying the loan.

What documents will be needed to complete the loan application?
You will need an ID card, details of the workplace (name, address, phone) and the period of your employment. Also prepare information about the net income you earn.

Service that allows you to buy on installment
If you have a problem with an installment purchase, please write a e-mail to:raty@payu.pl. If your question is about the loan application (its unavailability, status, etc.), please call Alior Raty:  12 370 70 83 or 12 370 71 10 or 801 11 55 99
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