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Perfect massage guide
A guide to the perfect massage 
Massage is, depending on the preferences of the partner, strong or gentle pressure, muscling, stroking and kissing the partner's body, it is an effective way to relax after a hard day, but also it can spark a romantic mood and turn up the atmosphere. It's more than just casual sex. There are many massage techniques, and it is worth using as many of them as possible to increase the pleasure.
Erotic massage has been cherished for centuries and has a long-standing tradition, especially in Far Eastern countries. You’ll find many pages devoted to various forms of massage in „Kamasutra”, the an Indian manual on sexuality and sexual behavior. Its origins date back to 4th century B.C.. According to the authors of this book, the essence of erotic massage lies not only in what the hands of partners moistened with PheroStrong Massage Oil do, but also in what the soul and heart transmit, in extrasensory sensations. It requires (unlike a relaxing or therapeutic massage) lovers reach a level of understanding that goes beyond physical movements.
Touching someone close to you causes various physiological reactions of the body - the heart slows down at that time and blood pressure drops. Erotic massage, but also other types of tenderness, also promote the strengthening of the immune system – the scientists from Carnegie Mellon University have shown that this helps us handle stress and viral or bacterial attacks more positively. Any form of cuddling, including massage, is also an effective remedy for pain and helps to fall and stay asleep.

How to get started?

The first thing you think of when it comes to massages is the oil. Always choose a good quality oil. The PheroStrong oils are the perfect choice. PheroStrong Massage Oil is more than a touch – it’s the  EXCITING TOUCH. Awaken your senses, discover the magical world of ecstasy.

We designed various oils just for men and just for women. Innovative solutions were used to manufacture PheroStrong Massage Oil. Compositions of oils with caring properties were combined with your favorite perfume scents and a unique composition of pheromones.
Made especially for WOMEN:

  • PheroStrong Limited Edition for Women Massage Oil
  • PheroStrong By Night for Women Massage Oil
  • PheroStrong for Women Massage Oil
  • PheroStrong Exclusive for Women Massage Oil
Made especially for MEN:

  • PheroStrong Limited Edition for Men Massage Oil
  • PheroStrong By Night for Men Massage Oil
  • PheroStrong for Men Massage Oil
  • PheroStrong Exclusive for Men Massage Oil

The oil should be liquid and slippery, but not sticky. It is very important to choose the fragrance that you both like. The massage oils with excellent skin care and nourishing properties are always the best choice.

Create the perfect environment!
The senses are heightened when affected by exciting stimuli. Soft and dim lighting, as well as music can be very persuasive. Music is an essential element for an extremely relaxing massage. To move your bodies into relaxation mode use music with a calm and relaxing rhythm. You can also use music with natural sounds of nature, such as the sound of waves or the rustling of tree leaves, it should be calming and relaxing. Air your bedroom, light up your mood with candles or incense sticks - if you like them.

This way, when you enter the bedroom with your partner, almost immediately both of you will feel that unusual romantic mood.

Intense sensations
Erotic massage with PheroStrong Massage Oil has a very strong effect on both sexes, but women's sensations tend to be more intense, primarily due to the larger surface area of erogenous zones, distributed almost all over the body. Therefore, this kind of intimacy has the same effect on them as kissing, caressing and other forms of foreplay. This is because it leads to increased production of female sex hormones, stimulating and preparing the body for sexual intercourse. However, men can also benefit a lot from erotic massage, which sometimes helps them deal with erection problems and impotence.

With PheroStrong Erotic Massage Oil, partners can see what gives them the most pleasure. Both men and women are sometimes surprised by the fact that sexual sensations occur when kneading or caressing the area with hands moistened with pheromone oil, which they never before considered erogenous. Savoring every inch of your partner's body is one of the greatest sensations discovered together.

Massage for men

In addition to stroking and caressing with her hands, a woman should simultaneously stimulate her partner with kisses, tongue, light blowing and stroking the man's body with her breasts or hair. She can sit or kneel beside or on top of him, so her partner can feel the warmth of the inner surfaces of her thighs, which causes an increased response.
Massage for men: Feet
Foot massage can give your mind and body wellbeing boost. There are points on the feet that are connected by nerves to many parts of the body, including erogenous zones.

Tell your partner to turn onto his back. Take one foot in your hands and first warm it up with vigorous circular motions of your thumbs. Then pull firmly (but do it sensitively) with both thumbs, knead, from the little toe in a straight line up to the heel. Repeat for each of remaining toes.

Finally, massage his ankle. Hold it in both hands, put three fingers on each side of it (heart, middle and index). Start with circular motions to one side, and to the other, and then perform figure-eight motions. Finally, pour some oil into your hands, rub the foot and cover it with a warm blanket. Repeat the process with another foot.
Massage for men: Chest
Since the partner is already relaxed, you can focus on more erogenous zones. The partner is still lying on his back. Sit atop his body, put your hands on his chest and make circular motions with three fingers - with your left hand in a clockwise direction, with your right hand in the opposite direction. Then press the areas around the nipples - once lightly, once a little harder. Finally, gently caress his nipples (yes, in men this is also a sensitive place).
Massage for men: Buttocks 
Let’s go on an erogenous zone exploration ... Tell your partner to turn onto his stomach. Sit on his thighs and massage his buttocks with circular motions, with increasingly broader movements.You can knead and squeeze the muscles in your hands (but not too hard) or give him a light spanking. Finally, massage the tailbone, especially its tip, the densely nerve-packed region, there are, among others, areas responsible for prostate stimulation and testosterone production.
Massage for men: Abdomen and thighs
We’re getting closer and closer ... Massage of the abdomen should be very gentle, use smooth, gentle strokes, caress the abdomen area.When your partner rolls over onto his back, sit on his thighs and with your fingertips alone smooth his abdomen, go lower and lower. Then concentrate on the thighs. Massage them with your fingertips, in circular motions, on the inside, getting closer and closer to the groin area. Get close to your partner's most erogenous zone, but don't touch it for now - do you get the point? …

Only at the end can you move on to touching his private parts using specially designed intimate gels for men-BigErection or AQUA ORGASM GEL - for both of you.

And then tell to him that enough is enough and now it's his turn. Let him repay you with the same long and careful erotic full-body massage...

Massage for women

During an erotic massage of his beloved, the man must concentrate on what he is doing, but also on the reaction of the woman, who should lay back and enjoy every moment, forgetting about problems and daily worries.

It begins with gentle movements, as if exploring the woman's body, avoiding the intimate area at first. This makes the treatment slow and sensual, introduces sensual delights to your lover. Then you can move on to caressing the breasts and genitals, sometimes so exciting that sexual intercourse or orgasm become inevitable.
Massage for women step by step  
The man should stimulate his partner's body by stroking, applying gentle pressure and making circular motions with his hands, which gives a very pleasant sensation. At this time he can quietly and tenderly speak to the woman.
The undressed partner lies down on her stomach with her hands entwined under her chin. The partner sits on her buttocks. He moistens his hands with PheroStrong Massage Oil with pheromones and moves his hands from the buttocks to the nape of the neck in a sliding, gentle motion. Then gently stroke the body of your partner at the sides. To remove muscle tension in the back, massage the area around the shoulder blades and shoulders. Using circular motions, massage the area just below the shoulder blades. It is a good idea to spread the muscles under the shoulder blades and at the thoracic spine with your thumbs.
Start massaging the shoulders. Firmly massage the shoulder muscles with your thumbs, moving to the neck and neck. Remember to massage the neck from the bottom toward the base of the skull. Take your time, move on to the next body parts only when the body is warmed up and the muscles are soft. Massage your partner’s thighs and buttocks now. In a sliding motion, move from the ankles through the thighs to the buttocks. Massage the buttocks in circular motions, tightening and spreading. Do not touch the inner part of the thighs and buttocks for now.
Now proceed to massage the front side of the body. The partner lies down on her back. Massage her breasts in a clockwise circular motion for the right breast and in the opposite direction for the left breast. Hold both breasts and move them away and closer together. You can also pinch the nipples gently. Breast massage can last up to 20 minutes. From the breasts, move your hands up to the neck and massage the neck gently in a sliding motion, then go down through the outer part of the breasts on the sides to the hips.
Before you get to the point, you can delay the moment and give your partner a foot massage. Keep in mind to set a romantic mood. Start by massaging the depression near the toes with your thumb in circular motions. Apply pressure to the big toe. Then do the same with the midfoot and heels. There are points of sexual stimulation on the feet. Smooth the top of the feet from the toes toward the ankles. Holding your partner's leg up, now slide down to the crotch. Don't touch the vulva for the time being - it's a good idea to let the excitement build up slowly, so follow the rule: „One thing leads to another". Gently caress the inner side of your partner’s thighs and groin with your hands, as well as the tender spot for women - the pubic area.
"One thing leads to another" - INTIMATE MASSAGE
Now gently moisten your fingers with PlayWoman intimate gel, spread your partner's legs quite wide.With the knuckles of your index and middle fingers, knead the outer labia. Make movements up and down and side to side, so as to lightly press the clitoris. Move from the pubis down to the entrance of the vagina. You can now gently stimulate her sensitive areas - clitoris, vulva, G-spot.


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